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 Aging pipes in moderate to severe conditions often require more intensive care than a routine cleaning. The options we provide range from minor fixes using Epoxy Spray Coating to our more advanced methods of Pipe Bursting and Cured-In-Place Pipelining. No matter your plumbing problem, we are sure to have the solution!

Cured-In-Place-Piping (CIPP)


A two-part epoxy is used to saturate a felt liner with PVC inner sleeve. Once cured, this material creates a new pipe within the previous pipe. CIPP allows for minimal excavations to your home or business and avoids costly removal of the previous system. This method is intended for the rehabilitation of pipes suffering from severe damage, deterioration, and root intrusion.


*Recommended for total sewer and drain line replacements

(Available pipe sizes 2'' - 8'')

Pipe Bursting
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Pipe bursting is a method used to fracture or cut the existing, deteriorating pipe and drive its pieces into the ground around it by using hydraulic force, while pulling the new HDPE replacement pipe into place. There’s no need to remove the existing pipe or trench through the property.

(Available pipe sizes 3" - 6")

Epoxy Brush Coating

A two-part epoxy material designed to coat, seal and protect your existing pipe structure. This is not a structural repair method and should not be used to coat significant cracking or holes in pipe.

(Available pipe sizes 2''- 6'')
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